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In our travels we have spoken with countless people about what makes great ramen. Some said it's all about the chashu. For others it's all about the broth. We agree. But where we differed was that we believe, more than anyone we talked with, that there is no point in making ramen unless you have great noodles. That's why we turned down our suppliers' offers for the factory made noodles that 95% of other ramen shops use and decided to make our own. 

The advantage of making our own noodles is that we can control the recipes. We are able to carefully blend the flours and alkaline salts to create the perfect noodle to suit the dish. Tokyo-style shoyu ramen? Our original, medium firmness noodle. Tsukemen? A thicker, chewier bite tastes best. Hakata-style Tonkotsu? It has to be thin and extra-firm. We started with one, to date we use five distinct noodle recipes. Plus, we make our own gyoza skins - what other ramen shop do you know of that does that? 




Great ramen

begins with great ingredients.

That's why we feel so fortunate to live where we do.

We strive to source our ingredients locally: from the hyper-local farms of Merville and Black Creek to the waters of the Salish Sea, from pork and poultry producers down Island to the orchards of the Okanagan. We make our noodles from premium wheat grown on the Canadian Prairies and we source beer, cider, and sake from local crafts people.

In Japan, regional variations of ramen are due in large part to local tastes, local climates, and the availability of local ingredients. Here in the Comox Valley, we are faithful to the principles of authentic Japanese ramen - while giving it our own, local touch.

Great ramen

takes time.

Two days actually. If you asked us to make you a bowl of ramen and we had all of the raw ingredients ready to go, it would take us two full days to prepare. Two days for the pork belly chashu and tori hamu, two days for the noodles, two for most broths - the list continues.

Lucky for you we started making your ramen two days ago so it's ready in a flash, usually within ten minutes of ordering. And if you have a look behind us when you're ordering, there's almost always something in a pot or in the oven that's cooking up slowly just in case you come back for more two days from now. 

Slow and steady. Everything from scratch. We think it's better this way.

Great ramen

must be eaten immediately.

We've done our best to provide the perfect environment for you to slurp your noodles loudly and drink down your broth quickly, the way ramen is meant to be enjoyed.


We cook our noodles al dente so by the time you sit down to your bowl they're the perfect tenderness. The broth is hot and steamy and has heated the pork belly just enough to make it melt in your mouth. The Ajitama, while optional, are the visual anchor for the presentation of your bowl, and the bowl itself is made of Japanese porcelain designed to keep the heat in just enough.

Contrary to what many people unfamiliar with ramen believe, ramen is not a take out food. Yes, we reluctanatly offer the option for take out... but for maximum enjoyment, please take a seat. 



- @kate.schneider.75

"You can tell immediately that they put a lot of love into their dishes, everything is hand made, and it shows in the most wonderfully delicious way."


"Thank you for taking me home with the best gyoza I've had since Japan.

Totemo oishikatta desu!"

- @noomzoom

"Oh. My. Word!!!

I had the vegan ramen

and it was simply amazing."

- @kriddy

is made
from scratch


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